Coffee Instagram Posts That Get You More Followers  

If you are selling coffee beans or coffee machines, chances are you are already using social media, and so you would have been rolling out a series of coffee Instagram posts. In this article, we will break down how we grow our community, engagement and traffic using our Instagram:  

  • Learn how we use just Instagram posts to grow our account from 0 to our current community size (close to 30 K)
  • See how we leverage coffee captions for Instagram to reach more than 150 000 people
  • Get insights also on how a simple coffee Instagram post can get you more than 1000 followers. 
  • Ideas on Coffee Instagram Posts for your consideration. 

Content is King, Consistency is Queen

Before sharing about how we have managed to get some success on Instagram, do note that the adage of content is king is true, however, you also need to take note of the consistency of your post. 

We have seen many companies focusing on the best IG post but not posting frequently enough.

The reason is this: You will not have a viral post, every time you post. The only way to discover the content your community enjoys is to post frequently, then replicate the post that they engage in and avoid those that they do not.

Imagine posting only once a week, which means you will only have 4 posts per month, there is not a lot of data for you to track and compare to suss out a good post or to structure a good content strategy. 

Coffee Instagram Posts that grew our account from 0 to 10 K followers

If you have read about accounts that grew from 0 to 10 K and wonder if it can be done with just content, the answer is Yes. We have done it. It did not happen overnight, it took us around 6 months and many trials and errors on the posts that our community likes. 

So, here is a testimony on how the right posts can grow your IG account. 

You can watch the video recording on the growth of our IG account. 

Coffee Captions for Instagram that reach more than 150 000 people

There are some good captions that when posted draws in comments, stickers and also a “heart” from your community. The following is a list of good words that you can use to accompany your post, and we also found that asking questions, a very simple question will really blow your engagement. 

As you can see from the IG post, we asked a simple question “if the size of coffee is big enough” solicit many comments and allow us to reach more than 150 000 people! 

The post above underlines the importance of the correct use of coffee captions for Instagram and here is a list of keywords for your consideration for your Instagram posts: 

  • coffee bean 
  • coffee quotes 
  • big cups of drinking coffee 
  • a good mood is sponsored by coffee 
  • coffee shop 
  • coffee date 
  • morning coffee 
  • cup of coffee 
  • good idea 
  • cold brew 
  • coffee and love 
  • days without coffee 
  • start with coffee 
  • dear coffee 
  • collection of coffee 
  • coffee lover 

How a simple coffee instagram post get us more than 1000 followers

If you are wondering if the engagement that we get from these coffee Instagram Posts will assist us to grow our community, the answer is Yes! 

In the post below, once again, we asked our followers to answer a simple question, and this led to high engagement, re-sharing of posts, reaching more new accounts and an increase in followers. 

In fact, in the earlier post, you will have noted that the simple coffee question Instagram post also resulted in a growth of more than 300 followers. 

In this case, it adds on more than 1000 followers. 

Ideas on Coffee Instagram Posts

As a reference, you can visit the OCM IG account and see what we post that are liked by the coffee community and create similar posts. Below are more examples and ideas of Instagram posts that are usually well-liked by the Instagram community.

Post Picture of Coffee

Share meaningful photos, to let people know how good your coffee is (and how it looks). 

Posting a picture of your morning cup of joe on Instagram is a wonderful and encouraging way to spice up your account. Get your creative juices flowing by perusing hilarious coffee captions and puns! Some examples:

  • Too early for wine, so coffee

  • Thank you for being my friend, a latte.

  • The thrill of grabbing your first cup of coffee of the day is incomparable.

An example from OCM account below: 

Behind the Scene Posts

People are often interested in seeing what goes on behind the scenes at a restaurant, cafe, or coffee shop.

It's also a huge benefit if you can inject some levity into your presentation and don't take yourself too seriously.

Share a Recipe

During the lockdown, social media was one of the most important ways for businesses to stay in touch with their customers.

Sharing recipes that your customers could make at home was one of them, as were Instagram photo ideas.

How To Make Homemade Iced
 Coffee Recipe?

Exhibit Your Cafe Interior Design

Bringing the most unique and artistic inspiration to your cafe's interior design.

One of the best Instagram photo ideas for cafes, coffee shops, restaurants, and small businesses in general is to make yourself and your team visible to customers and other customers.

We hope we have given you some insights or ideas on how you can come out with a series of posts that can bring you more traffic and more sales. If you enjoy this article on Coffee Instagram Posts, check out the link on other articles on marketing related topics for coffee, cafes and coffee machines. 

If you would like to have a chat with us on building community and identifying your audience, do check our team availability and we look forward to assisting you to build your community.

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