Coffee Factory Tour in Singapore

Have you been to a coffee factory tour in Singapore? 

General sentiments among Singaporeans is the coffee that we drink in Singapore is roasted overseas and imported into Singapore in the nitrogen-flushed retail packs you see lining the shelves at supermarkets all over the country. However, did you know that there are actually a few large scale coffee roasting factories in Singapore? If you did not know that, we have actually come across a company that runs a coffee tour in Singapore. 

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What is in a Coffee Factory Tour in Singapore? 

This coffee tour in Singapore begins with a brief introduction about the company, after which participants are led down into a holding area where they will have to put on hairnets and shoe covers (this is the very first ISO certified coffee roasting facility in Singapore) to adhere to the strict food safety and hygiene guidelines of the facility.

Participants will also have to remove all jewellery and accessories, as well as sanitise their hands. Then, a quality control supervisor will take you into the actual coffee roasting facility and walk you through the various stages of production including raw bean storage, coffee roasting, coffee grinding, and coffee packing. 

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You might think that a coffee tour in Singapore is similar to other factory tours most of us have been on while on overseas trips, where the tour ends with a visit to a retail area and everyone is obligated to buy something. This is not the case here. The focus of this tour is to educate and elevate the level of coffee appreciation that one has.

After the tour concludes, you are brought up to an equipment room, where you will get a chance to play with some of the latest and most technologically advanced pieces of coffee equipment currently available to the industry.

During this segment, an expert coffee trainer will also share some insights on why certain brewing methods are carried out a certain way, and also share tips and tricks to brew a better cup of coffee. If you have a sweet tooth, you can also take the opportunity to try out their variety of instant powder mixes used in blended drinks.

The powder is actually manufactured right here in Singapore to be more aligned with local taste buds and come in super interesting flavours like Gula Melaka, Yaburi Melon, and Teh Tarik. 

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