How long to keep coffee - shelf life

Knowing how long coffee beans and coffee grounds last, as well as how to store them to maximize their freshness will set your morning energized with the correct flavor and aroma.

Most roasters will have a label “roasted on” indicating the beans roasted date usually on the back of the package.

Coffee beans are considered a shelf-stable dry good with many years of shelf life.

The “roasted on” date indicates the level of freshness of the roasted coffee at the time of your purchase. Usually 7-10 days from the roasting date.

During roasting the beans goes through degassing where they release carbon dioxide.

Have you ever wondered why there’s a hole in coffee bags fitted with commonly known as a one-way valve? Its purpose is to let carbon dioxide escape from the beans, without allowing oxygen and moisture in, and also equally crucial is storing the roasted beans in an airtight container.

How to store coffee that will Last Longer?

According to the National Coffee Association, coffee beans (and grounds) can stay fresh longer if they’re stored properly at room temperature without exposure to light and heat which will cause the coffee to lose its freshness.

To maximize the shelf life, purchase a bag roasted within one week whenever possible. 

Invest in an airtight container and store the container in a dark, cool cabinet.

Invest in a high-quality coffee grinder and you can grind your beans at home on a per-use basis that equates to Fresh grounds = fresh coffee.

Do not store your beans in the grinder. Keep those beans stored separately. Grind what you need for the session.

By: Douglas

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