How To Roast Coffee Beans In A Pan?

To beginners, many have spent years studying and perfecting their skills on roasting their coffee.

But getting started is not difficult. If you can pop your own popcorn, you can become a good roaster though it's messier.

Put one-half pound of green coffee beans in the pot, pick and rinse thoroughly. Cleaning the seeds also has the additional benefit of moisturizing the beans prior to their roasting.

Though knowing that there are other methods, the frying pan process is highly recommended to be the most approachable but also one of the most difficult ones to perfect. You'll experience the joy of the coffee roasting process. It's a perfect way to discover the wonderful flavor of freshly ground coffee! 

You can use another method, but a frying pan or dutch oven has the best shape. A metal pan that is thick and free of any non-stick materials is the most important factor in determining your pan selection. Carbon steel, stainless steel, and cast iron are all great options.

Organize all of your equipment in a place where you will have quick access to it. For best results, turn the exhaust fan on if possible, otherwise, leave the windows and doors open, so that they will be thoroughly mixed.

Use enough coffee in the pan to make it easy to stir. Start with ½ cup and work your way up to 1 cup. Use medium heat to preheat your pan, or warm it to a temperature of 500F on your stove.

Stir in the beans and put the mixture in the pot. Keep the beans on the burner, but don't rush them.

Over eight to ten minutes, the beans will turn light yellow, light brown, and then finally dark brown. Adjusting the heat level may be required to maintain an even increase.

As the beans begin to color, you should begin to hear the “first crack”. Once you know where you want the finished color to be, leave the beans a bit lighter in the pot. As long as they're exposed to heat, they will continue to cook.

The beans will continue to develop from light to dark when the first crack happens. After the initial crack has appeared, it will progress further through the roast which is the second crack. This represents the point where oils begin to enter the outside of the bean. 

Once the beans have been mixed, place the colander in the sink, transfer to a metal bowl, and continue to stir until they are cool. While you are drying the coffee, the chaff will fall through the colander. 

It is important to allow the coffee to off-gas for at least four hours or overnight to achieve maximum freshness before brewing and remember to keep it sealed to retain the flavor and aroma. Coffee is properly stored for about 5 to 7 days.

Flavor and freshness above all else can be worth the time and effort involved in roasting your own beans. It has the most taste after it has been roasted for a week.

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By: Douglas

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