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A new ebook for you, healthier coffee options and a Starbucks in the middle of ocean!
October 28, 2010


How are you? Hope this finds you well.

As promised during the last issue, we prepared and launched a new ebook! 'What is an espresso'.

It is a very basic book on the various types of espresso, and how to make them.

Check them out at this link:

What Is An Espresso

Hope you like it.

Focus of the month

Health is wealth.

Health is the most important, and in the midst of enjoying our coffee, some of us might want a healthier version. Some of us might known friends or relatives that cannot even drink coffee.

The solution is of course low acid coffee. Buying them off the shelves would be expensive, so how about making themselves.

To know more about low acid coffee and the cold berw coffee technique -check out:

Cold Brew coffee

October is also the month where companies are rushing to prepare for the final showdown to sell their products and services.

And if you or someone you know are in the F&B or coffee business, then they can make sure of the free "shout out" corner that has just launched recently.

This space is free and would be circulated to all our RSS and twitter readers and followers.

So, it is another marketing platform one can employed to generate more awareness -do check it out:

Wanna shout about your coffee shops or services?

Coffee News

October has been a Starbucks month. The lastest news was about a Starbucks opening in the middle of the ocean.

Then there is also the news about Starbucks serving beer in their outlet and Starbucks asking their baristas to slow down their coffee brewing in order to improves quality!

Among the more interesting news would be brewing and creating of the biggest cup of coffee -a record verified by Guinness Book of Record.

Coming Soon

There are two things that are currently work in progress and hopefully by the next issue, you can get your hand on it.

One is for aspiring coffee shop owners wannabes -a book about how to start and manage a coffee shop. This book other than covering the basic of starting a coffee shop, would also provide tips and hints on how to better market the coffee shop.

Then there is also a report timed for the Christmas shopping, on what coffee machine is best for the type of person you are giving to.

Of course, being a valued subscribers, all these would come at no charges to you.:)

Till then, take care and may you always have great cuppa!

Best regards

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