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September 23, 2010


How are you? Is been a while since I last send you all something, so after such a long wait, this ezine has to be good right?:)

So, I am sending you the download for my ebook "How to get free coffee" which is currently still being sold in Amazon. What it is about? Hey -download to find out more!:)

How to get free coffee?

Focus of the month

Guess after such a long hiatus, it is best to go back to the basic -how to look for the right coffee machine?

Here you can check out our articles at: Best coffee makers

Or, use our search tools to search across amazon, google and our site** to find that ideal coffee brewer.

**Since then, oncoffeemakers have grown to more than a thousands articles and reviews on almost any machines -so there should be an article on what you are looking for.

Coffee News

The hottest news in the coffee world remains to be in the single serve coffee segment. And the one that people are always talking about are the "clones" of nespresso.

Both Sara Lee and Ethical Coffee Company have launched a compatible capsules that can be used on Nespresso machines, resulting in cheaper coffee for consumers and loss of business for nespresso.

We have written a few articles on it -so read about it and who knows -this might be an element (cheaper capsules) when you are looking for your next coffee machine:

Everyone wants to do single serve coffee

ECC challenge Nespresso

Coming Soon

We would be revamping and launching two sections

First, we would soon unveil a new "Coffee Trivia" section adn we would also be launching a "Coffee Deal" section, to inform you on the best deal when it comes to coffee, machines and other equipments.

They always say saved the best for the last -just to let you that we are working on another ebook (and as our subscriber, you are going to get it free), keeping fingers crossed, it should be launched in the next issue...

Till then, take care and may you always have great cuppa!

Best regards

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