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Coffeelogy, Issue #004 --Expresso machine meant faster grinder on espresso machines?
June 09, 2009


Hope this mail finds you well and an early Happy Father's day to all Daddies out there. Other than the joy of celebration that Holidays brings to us, there are usually lots of discount to look forward to.

Free shipping seems to be the flavor of the month, with stores such as Boscovs.comand Boca Java all using these tactics to attract consumers to buy from them.

Of course, there are also your usual 10-20% discounts and even some $200 over dollars netbook on offer to lure consumers to spend some money, I hope they have still stock by the time you read this email.

Regardless what it is, this month sees some good deals going around, and I hope you have a good time shopping and blessing your love ones.

Yes, is is a "fun" month and here at On Coffee Makers, we also do not want to be too serious, so the focus of the month is "strange machines" -what is that? Read on to find out more...

In Summary:

Focus of the month: Expresso machine meant faster grinder on espresso machines?

Coffee talk: Who am I to give coffee maker ratings

Coffee trivia: Coffee has a lot to do with freedom!

Focus of the month: Expresso machine meant faster grinder on espresso machines?

Ever heard of an expresso machine? Most of you would probably see it as a wrong spelling of an espresso machine right?

So, why did I have an article written about it and even go so far as to suggest that an expresso machine is actually an espresso machine that grinds coffee beans very fast, so is all these real?

Well, you can learn about this "abnormal" machine in expresso machine, and I also complied some not so common coffee makers under interesting coffee machines, do check it out as well.

Next Month Focus: Would you agree that coffee vending machines serves some of the best coffee around? Regardless, watch out for next month focus to see if the argument is in line with yours...

Coffee talk: Who Am I To give Coffee Maker Ratings

This article is the sort which strenghtens my beliefs that coffee is about the experience and not the machines. It might sounds contradicting coming from a guy that runs a coffee makers site but this is my really my thoughts.

Machines can no doubt improve the taste of a coffee, but it is really the experience that gives you the great coffee experience. And this

This little article just summed it up so well!

Hope you enjoy your read over your favorite brew...

Coffee Trivia: Coffee has a lot to do with freedom!

Firstly, the founding fathers of the U.S always discussed their national strategies during their revolution in guess where? Coffee houses of course, so most of our "freedom" probably came from those few cups of coffee.

Then, in 1773, a very heavy tax was imposed on the colonies and so in America, people switch to drinking coffee instead of tea and drinking coffee was actually an expression of freedom! You never could guess that right?

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