Can You Grow Coffee From
Roasted Beans?

Coffee beans are seeds. It is used to brew coffee after being dried, roasted, and ground. Without processing, the seed can be planted and grow into a coffee tree.

Simply soak the beans of your choice in a shallow dish with a cotton ball, allowing the cotton to absorb and retain the water while remaining in contact with the beans at all times:

After 5-6 days, you'll notice that the cotton is absorbing the color and aroma of your blended coffee. Approximately 4 days the beans will sprout after the cotton has dried.

The bean contains an enzyme that allows it to sprout even after it has been roasted, and the plant can take on a slight aroma and flavor from the roasting flavors.

You'll need the proper soil for your initial potting. Your soil should be nutrient-dense and allow for root penetration. A soil pH of approximately 6 is ideal. Additionally, you'll want to ensure that the plant has adequate drainage — excess pooling water is detrimental to the plant.

As your plant matures, you'll need to establish a routine for coffee plant care that promotes its healthy development. Water it just enough to keep the soil moist — too dry or too wet soil is detrimental to the plant.

Additionally, you can use a pebble tray filled with water to assist in maintaining humidity. Every few months, check the pH level of the fertilizer and fertilize as necessary. Regular pruning, which you could do every spring, is also beneficial for its growth.

Repotting your coffee plant as it grows is another step you can take in the spring when it reaches a height of more than 2 feet. Initially, you'll want to repot the plant when it reaches approximately 8 inches in height, and then again when it reaches approximately 24 inches in height during its first full year. Ascertain that you are repotting responsibly. While the roots require space to thrive, it is not recommended to over-pot a plant.

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By: Douglas

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