Portable Espresso Maker: Capressule 

What is a Capressule Portable Espresso Maker?

The Capressule Portable Espresso Maker is a dual use travel espresso maker that produces a high quality cup of espresso. It can be loaded with either a Easy Serve Espresso (ESE) pod such as Nespresso compatible capsules, or coffee grounds that have been freshly or pre-grounded from coffee beans. Either way, the Capressule utilises high pressure (up to 20 bars) to produce a rich and high quality crema in your espresso. When using this shot of espresso to make a milk based coffee like a latte or cappuccino, this translates to a really high quality cup of coffee. 

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How is the Capressule Different from Other Portable Espresso Makers?

In terms of the concept of a portable espresso maker or a travel espresso maker, the Capressule does not seem to be too different from other handheld coffee devices.

In essence, the Capressule features a chamber to load in the hot water, a pump or pressurization mechanism, and a chamber to load your preferred coffee grounds.

However, the Capressule is actually quite different, as firstly, it features a closed chamber to collect the espresso that has been produced.

This prevents any accidental spillage during transfer, and removes any chance of you knocking over your collecting glass, as is possible with something like an Aeropress.

Secondly, the Capressule can produce an espresso shot using two coffees sources, coffee grounds or a Nespresso compatible capsule just by swapping out of the loading cartridge / adaptor, which is provided in the box. This essentially makes the Capressule one of the most versatile and flexible portable espresso makers on the market right now.

Is the Capressule Easy to Use and Clean?

The short answer is yes. The capressule is easy to use and easy to wash. Unlike other portable espresso makers, some of which rely heavily on the user’s strength to exert pressure into the coffee chamber to produce espresso, the Capressule utilises a manual pump which seems to mechanically amplify the pressure applied by the user.

Simply put, when trying out the Capressule, the pumping of the device felt really easy and there was not much resistance. Yes, you do still have to manually pump the device, but the effort exerted by the user is proportionately less than the actual pressure applied into the coffee chamber, which produced a very decent amount of crema in the espresso shot.

Aside from the useability, the Capressule is also very well built and feels sturdy in your hand. The top half of the body comes with a textured grip for easy gripping, and the retractable pump mechanism felt firm and sturdy. At no point during the use of the Capressule did the device ever feel awkward, forced, or about to break.

The pump mechanism is also retractable and can be stowed away inside the Capressule’s main body when not in use, which means that the Capressule also takes up a small and neat footprint when packed into your carrying case as a travel espresso maker. When it comes to washing, there are still a few separate parts that you will need to wash.

I would not say that it has more or less parts than other portable coffee makers to wash, but all the parts in the Capressule can be washed, and none of the components are so small that you might lose them.

Any drawback on this portable espresso maker? 

If there had to be one complaint about the Capressule, it would be the glass chamber that collects the espresso shot. The glass looks really pretty when used at home, as you can actually see the espresso and crema flowing into and coating the side of the glass.

It is made of glass after all, and is unlikely to survive being dropped. When used at home or in an office, this doesn’t really represent too much of an issue.

However, if you were to use the Capressule as a trekking or camping espresso maker, it would seem that the glass might present some challenges.

If the espresso collection chamber had been made with ceramic coated steel or any other material that feels like a Sttoke cup, the device would be absolutely perfect. 

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Free $29.90 Accessories

Enjoy a free powder coupling kit with $29.90 when you buy Capressule (while stock lasts). 

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