How To Use A Coffee Machine In The Office?

How to use a coffee machine in the office? - It can be summarised into three main points: 

  • Drinks selections - how do you get the coffee beverages that you like. 
  • Operating the coffee machine - if it requires some manual action, what is the process? 
  • Cleaning and maintaining the machine - you would want to know the time taken to maintain the coffee machine. 

There are a variety of reasons why somebody might be asking this question. If you have never worked in an office where there is a coffee machine or used one in your personal life before, you might be wondering how to operate these commercial coffee machines.

Alternatively, perhaps you work in a multi-national company, where there is a large pantry built like a specialty coffee shop, and you are wondering how the skilled baristas operate the large semi automatic espresso machine to get you your favourite morning cup of coffee.

Either way, it would appear that most people can be classified into the former category, where you are trying to find out how to use one of those fully automatic coffee machines that produces that quality cup of coffee at the touch of a button. 

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How to use a coffee machine in the office - Drinks Selection:

With fully automatic coffee machines, they usually come in the form of bean to cup coffee machines, which essentially means that the coffee machine utilises fresh coffee beans, ground on demand within the coffee maker, that is then brewed with hot water internally, before being dispensed as coffee into your cup.

Many of these coffee machines can be used to make a variety of black coffees, milk coffees, and sometimes even hot chocolate. To begin the process of using these office coffee machines, it would be good if you checked out the drink selection menu (usually via a touch screen on higher end models, or a series of buttons on more utility models), and had an idea of what drink you would like to have.

This is important because when using the coffee machine, you will need to press or activate the corresponding button for your drink selection. 

How to use a coffee machine in the office - Some Manual Actions Required:

For most fully automatic office coffee makers, one will need to at the very least, place their desired coffee mug or disposable cup at the dispenser outlet to collect their chosen beverage.

This is because most coffee machines would have in-built, integrated systems to combine other components of the coffee, such as the fresh milk.

However, in some older models, the machines are only able to mix your espresso with hot water. Should you require milk added to your coffee, you would either have to pour cold milk that has been taken from the chiller into your coffee, or you would need to manually froth the milk using a steam wand, usually found on one side of the coffee machine.

For a fully integrated system where the machine can combine milk to create a latte or a cappuccino, there is usually a milk chiller or milk fridge that sits beside the actual coffee machine, and is connected by a milk tube.

In the past, only the very high end models had such a feature - But today, many modern coffee machines (even the more entry ones) have such a feature, and come equipped with the rental packages that you take up for the espresso machine. 

How to use a coffee machine in the office - Cleaning & Maintenance:

While most office pantries have an office cleaner who helps to clean and maintain the office coffee machine, sometimes the responsibility will inevitably fall on us.

There are a few situations where this is applicable. In the event that you have spilt some liquids into the drip tray and the drip tray is filling up, it is a good idea to remove the drip tray and empty it out into a sink.

This way, in case the next user also has a spilling incident, the drip tray is available to capture the mess. Many of these bean to cup coffee machines, because they use fresh coffee beans, will leave behind a coffee “puck” which is essentially the used coffee grounds that have been compacted together.

This coffee puck is dropped into a sort of collection bin and can normally take about 20-30 coffee pucks before it needs to be cleared out. In the unlikely event that after your use, the coffee machine warns that the collection bin is full, it would be a good idea to clear out the collection bin so that the next user can quickly get their coffee as well.

Lastly, if you are the last person to use the coffee machine for the day, you should definitely run the cleaning cycle on the machine to flush out any leftover coffee grounds or residue that might have gathered over the course of the day. If you were to leave the machine unflushed overnight, it might lead to some chokage or clogging up of the coffee machine components. Thankfully, many coffee makers today have very simple and easy to use cleaning cycles where you only need to activate the cycle via buttons, and you can leave the coffee machine to do its own thing while you finish up your work.

Check out the video to understand how easy it is to clean or even dismantle the coffee machine. Or, visit our home page on similar articles to "how to use a coffee machine in the office". 

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