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Coffeelogy, Issue #007 --Krups coffee maker is single!
October 06, 2009


How it is going for you folks? I hope this ezine finds all of you well and in cherry mood. If going by the world indicator, the economy is on the re-bound, people are spending, companies are spending and this Christmas should be an occassion to look forward to.

Hope you enjoy reading this ezine as much as I enjoy writing it.

That is all. Hope all is well with you and family.


Ebenezer Heng


In Summary:

Focus of the month: Krups coffee maker is single!

Coffee talk: Can Coffee and Cheese mixed together?

Coffee trivia: If you think coffee shops is big now


Focus of the month: Krups coffee maker is single!

Most of us that drinks coffee, knows that krups makes coffee machines and we also know about single serve coffee makers.

But, not many of us would link krups to a single serve coffee maker, right? The fact is, krups does have its own version of single serve coffee maker.

I named the title This Krups coffee maker is about the "all"!, so find out what is the all about in this single serve coffee maker... Next issue: Bunn coffee maker, what do you don't know about this fellow...

Coffee talk: Can Chocolate and Cheese mixed together?

I think the economy is getting better, why do I say that? Well, the companies are starting to spend. And we are not about millions but billions!

The biggest buy to date would be the Kraft desire to purchase calbury, one of the biggest buy for this year.

At the time of writing this article, it has yet to be confirmed. But, can chocolate and cheese walk together?

Coffee Trivia: If you think coffee shops is big now

For those that think the coffee shop concept, i.e. Starbucks is big, think again.

Back in 1763, there were already 200 over coffee shops in one location Venice. So, what we have might not be that big after all, comparing to the population to coffee shops ratio.

And then I guess coffee is not big enough to warrant anyone doing anything about it. But, a guy named Back actually wrote a coffee cantata in 1732.

So, guess coffee is really a big thing in their lives back then...

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