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Coffeelogy, Issue #005 --Kudos to vending machine suppliers
July 08, 2009


At the time of writing this ezine, the world is paying tribute to probably the greatest pop star ever lived, the date is 7th July 2009. The world is tuning in to Michael Jackson Memorial at the staples center.

While, I am not really a fan of MJ, I still it is so untimely that he should passed on, for a few weeks later, he would have the opportunity to perfom and most likely regained his status with his string of concerts. It is sad that people are mourning for him when he is gone, why did nobody show him more concern when he is living?

On that note, I try to stay connected with my love ones, we would never know when is the last time we see them. I hope you have great coffee time with your love ones as well -it is priceless.

For this issue, I wrote a piece on vending machine suppliers, the folks that had worked hard yet are being dismissed as the lower class of the coffee world.

And I saw some great post from an ex-US marine -good story about how coffee helps in war!

Hope you enjoy reading and the summer holiday!


Ebenezer Heng


In Summary:

Focus of the month: Kudos to the Vending machine suppliers

Coffee talk: Best Italian espresso from a cheap pot

Coffee trivia: Adding Milk might do you more good than you know!

Focus of the month: Kudos to the vending machine suppliers

I don't think anyone would term vending machine coffee as good. But you have to really respect and give credit to this industry. Coffee suppliers spend millions of R&D just to ensure that the coffee dispense is safe and consistent in taste.

Vending machine companies earn a couple of cents and have to ensure that you get the drinks 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In the end of it all, they are seen as the lower class of the coffee world.

On that I kudos to the vending machine suppliers, read to see if you agreed with me

Next issue: I would want to touch on keurig coffee maker and why it is so popular...

Coffee talk: Best Italian espresso from a cheap pot

A story contributed by an ex US marine. He spoke about how a cheap coffee pot that he mother send him help his whole company to stay alert during the war. Nice story about coffee...

Coffee Trivia: Adding Milk might do you more good than you know!

Some of us loves coffee with milk, whether it is cappuccino or latte. But, do you know that milk was added as an additive in 1680 because of medical reason?

A French physician actually recommended that cafe au lait be used for medicinal purposes, of course, it taste so good that it becomes the staple additive for centuries to come...

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