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Coffeelogy, Issue #003 --What has Joe DiMaggio a baseball legend has to do with drip coffee maker?
May 11, 2009


At the time of this writing, the world out there is chaotic with Swine flu, hope all is well with you all reading this newsletter. Take care, and as the instruction is not to go to crowded places, stay at home and enjoyed some cuppa then!

In Summary:

Focus of the month: Drip coffee maker and baseball?

Coffee talk: A story from a lawyer in Texas.

Coffee trivia: Get rid of that smell!

Focus of the month: Drip Coffee Maker and Baseball

Most of us now, has a coffee machine at home or know someone that has a coffee maker in their household. And in your office, it is strange if you pantry does not have a coffee machine.

But, just about 50 years ago, it was not so. People was using more of a percolator that coffee maker, but one man changed it all.

After the entrance of this man, the coffee industry changed! According to my research, that is the way it is, so this man would have his place in coffee history.

But this person has nothing to do with coffee, but is instead a baseball legend, Joe DiMaggio! So, what did he do, and why did he do it? Well, I have written it all at Drip coffee Maker, so just head over there and check it out.

Next Month Focus: Strange Coffee Machines -what do I mean by that? Learn more about it next month...

Coffee talk: A story from a lawywer in Texas

When I asked folks to contribute stories about coffee, I never expected a full fledged author to come in, and one from Texas did just that!

Now, this is the sort of story that people pay money for it, so pop over and check out Just a little story about coffee on two continents

Hope you enjoy your read over your favorite brew...

Coffee Trivia: Get rid of that smell!

I thought I would just insert some useful tips about coffee in this newsletter. Now, we all have incidents with smell cabinet, smelly fridge and so on.

The best way to absorb the smell, especially for fridge is to open a can of roasted coffee beans and put it in for a day. The oxidization of the coffee beans, would absorb all the smell.

The beautiful thing about using coffee grounds, is your fridge or cabinet would have an aromatic coffee smell -it smell tasty!

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