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Coffeelogy, Issue #002 -- Ignore the #001 THIS IS THE REAL FIRST ISSUE!
April 02, 2009


Thanks for subscribing to the Coffee makers newsletter. The truth is, it is not easy to launch this ezine, what am I going to talk about? People just want to browse then buy their coffee machines, why would they want to subscribe to some newsletter?

Then, as I build my site, I discovered that folks that drink coffee would always drink it. which meant that these information might not be relevant for you today, but it might be few months or a year down the road when you want to upgrade to a new coffee maker.

Every issue, we would be discussing about one particular type of machines which would be the title of the newsletter (e.g. for this first issue, it would be the cofee grinders. Feel free to archive these newsletter, and at any one time you want to read the back issue: come back here!

Monthly Focus -Single serve coffee maker

To start off this newsletter issue, it is look at the single serve coffee maker. They are the current darling of the coffee maker world. People are buying them and companies are coming out with more and more variety of them each with their own unique function.

If you are looking for a model and is unsure about which model to go for, you might want to consider the few "hottest" brands in the market.

Senseo is still the market leader when it comes to single serve coffee maker, although it might not be long before they are de-throne. They uses what is known as coffee pods (or coffee pads in senseo terminology).

Then, there is the nespresso, a very established brand that is only interested to bring you the best coffee. Their machines are stylish and their coffee is good. Their price is also on the higher side.

Up and coming brand keurig, with more than 100 plus beverages for consumers to choose from, many coffee drinkers switch to this brand for its convenience and affordability. Good value for money for the type of convenience that it offers.

Tassimo is very similar to keurig with its own unique variety of beverages, and it has this unique code on the back of all its t-disc that would enable the machine to brew according to the conditions of the beverage.

For example, a coffee would be brew differently from a cappuccino. This technology actually lead many coffee snobs to trying and even buying the machine.

The above is really a snapshot at the few more popular machines in the market. For more information, you can check out Single Serve Coffee Maker

If you are thinking if single serve coffee maker, I have come to the conclusion that it is! Why is that so? After many such questions, I realized that folks that are asking this question usually just want to enjoy drinking coffee and do not want to go into much details about coffee.

And of course, with its easy to use and easy to maintain reputation, single serve coffee maker is a perfect match for this group of folks!

Coming next issue: Drip filter coffee maker

The coffee talk

This is different from the monthly focus where the content is thought about and then written. This coffee talk are what the people on the streets thought about coffee. To start off this section, I found two posts from our readers that are worthwhile to mention.

The first is about her experience with coffee, her own definition of a best coffee. The coffee was not from an expensive coffee machine, nor brew by some coffee guru but to her that is her best coffee, read more here:

My Grandma perfect cuppa

Then of course, when you welcome posts from the reader, you would always find gems. One of them comes in the form of this post. This reader highlight how some folks in some parts of the world, make their coffee without machines, read more here:

Not Using any machines

To post your thoughts, go to: Coffee Maker Ratings

**You would received an ebook (on how to get free coffee) with your post, so hurry on and drop us some words, we look forward to it!

Coffee trivias

The first trivia about coffee which some of you might know about is that Arabs is the first folks that drink coffee! While this might not be surprising to some of you, what about the name that coffee is being called? Do you know that when coffee first reach Europe, it was known as Arabian wine (wonder why that term since it wouldn't make you drunk right?).

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