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How to look for a coffee maker as a Christmas Present and look forward to 2011
December 10, 2010


Merry Christmas and happy new year! This would be the last issue of coffeelogy for this year!

As promised -we are sending you our valued subscribers a simple e-report on how to find the coffee maker for your love one.

Nothing fanciful, no comparisions, no graphs or charts, just some simple observations we have done over the years -hope you would enjoy it.

Here is the download link:

How to Choose coffee Maker

Hope you can find a good coffee maker for your love ones as Christmas presents.

For us, Christmas present came early in the tremendous success on the launch of our Facebook page. Within its launch of less than a month, we are happy to share that close to 300 people has "like" our page.

We would like to invite you over and connect with us there as well:

On Coffee Makers Facebook page

Focus of the month

December is the month for Keurig.

If there is one coffee maker that you should consider buying -it is keurig from Green Mountain Coffee Roaster.

Most of us know that GMCR suffers from really bad PR.

It all started with some wrong reportings that they did on their annual statement. From then on, there were rumours of its being taken over by Nestle, Starbucks etc.

Its stock prices went down.

Then it less than 2 months, despite many law suits, Keurig re-bounced. This to us is a testimony on loyal its supporters are.

And the reason can only be one -keurig is a good product.

To learn more about Keurig coffee maker, check out:

The story of keurig

Keurig Coffee Maker

Coffee News

Guess, December is a month of giving, you have MacDonald's in Canada giving out free Coffee, Lavazza giving Julia Roberts millions for a day work and also two Singaporeans visiting the whole Country Starbucks for Charity, read about there here:

Free Coffee from Canada Macdonald's

Lavazza makes Julia Roberts smile

Donate to Charity by visiting Starbucks

For more of December news, do check out: Coffee News

Coming Soon

So, what is in store for coffeelogy for the year 2011?

On Coffee Makers after taking in comments and feedback are moving towards these two directions:

1. Coffee business

Most readers would have noticed that in the middle of 2010, we started the "Value add services", it is so popular that we have expanded that sections and in 2011, we would be continue to grow this section.

Readers can look forward to learning about the different coffee business, ways to market the various coffee business and even articles, or ebooks on how to start a coffee business.

So, look out for these and more updates on coffeelogy.

2. Coffee makers

As we have grown into thousands of pages, it might not be easy for readers to find what they are looking for.

To mitigate this situation, we are introducing reports on the various brands and makes of coffee makers to assist subscribers to look for their coffee machines.

For example, in a report about Braun, readers can look forward to the cheapest braun, most comprehensive braun, most user friendly braun and so on.

A simple report that can assist them or their friends in deciding which coffee maker best suit their lifestyle.

More information would be released in subsequent coffeelogy issues.

Have a great holiday, see you in 2011!

Till then, take care and may you always have great cuppa!

Best regards

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