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Resolution 2011 -why not start a coffee business? Learn more with our Free Coffee Shop Business plan
November 21, 2010


How are you? Busy with Christmas shopping? This is the time of the year, where coffee folks like us would check out the latest coffee machine and bless our love one with a new brewer too.

Since it is nearing the end of 2010, how about setting up a new year resolution for 2011 -since you loves to drink coffee, why not start a coffee business?

As promised during the last issue, we are giving the download link on our Coffee Shop Business Plan to all our subscribers

Check it out here: Coffee Shop Business Plan

Hope this helps in building your coffee business.

Focus of the month

Starting a coffee Business soon?

Coffee is a big business, if you reading this right now, chances are you loves it and you probably know aother dozen other folks that shared your passion for this beverage.

And that is the reason why it makes perfect sense to go into business.

After talking about coffee makers for more than 2 years, we decided to add another section discussing about coffee business.

Currently, we have uploaded a few articles on the different types of coffee business that one can go into, would add more as we go along.

Check it out: Starting a Coffee Business

Coffee News

While we did not start the "Coffee Business" section based on November Coffee News, November news is all about how big coffee business is going to be.

First, you have a report that talks about coffee shop being a US$13 billion business in US alone.

Then, we done another article on how big the potential of selling coffee is in China -well, Nescafe is there and Starbucks just started a plantation there, that should say something right?

Other interesting news includes Starbucks loss to Au Bon Pain, what loss is that, read on to find out.

Then, there is also Mr Coffee that is entering the Single Serve coffee market.

For more of November news, do check out: Coffee News

Coming Soon

Some of you might be wondering if the Christmas shopping report is out. Sorry for the delay, but we have since decided to bring it to another level, i.e. more good stuff for you readers!

The report should be out in the next issue.

In addition, following that issue, every month there would be a report on one particular brand of coffee maker.

You might not need it now, but you might at a later stage, or you friend might be looking for this brand of coffee maker, so it can definitely come in handy.

Look out for more information here (this report would solely be communicated via coffeelogy).

Till then, take care and may you always have great cuppa!

Best regards

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