Coffee Pairings

Delicious Combinations, how to Complement Your Breakfast with Coffee.

With its deliciously nuanced flavor, coffee lends itself to a wide range of delicious meal pairings to add to the full range of flavors in a good cup of coffee.

From pastries to spicy dishes, coffee may be combined with any food.

Coffee drinkers who have mastered the art of fantastic eating during their coffee breaks will be able to wow their guests with their culinary prowess and satisfy their own cravings with ease.

  • Pairings of Fruit

For some coffees, fresh fruits and fruit-based treats might provide a more delicate matching alternative. When choosing pairings, avoid using too many sour tones; this might have an unpleasant effect.

  • Fruit Tart

Coffees from Brazil and Costa Rica with a dark roast satisfy the cravings of fruit tarts.

The robust, heaviness of the coffee's flavor is able to cut through the potency of the fruit tart's acidity.

  • Alcohol

From celebratory beverages to creamy cocktails, booze and coffee go hand in hand. Since there are so many alcohol companies that deliberately promote their products toward coffee lovers, there's a coffee and booze combo for everyone.

It doesn't matter if you want an Irish coffee or an espresso martini; there's an alcoholic concoction to suit your tastes.

If you want to give your coffee a particular touch, try mixing some flavorful liqueurs in with it. Add a dash of amaretto to your hazelnut mocha or iced latte with Vegan Baileys Irish Cream. There's no end to the possibilities!

  • Pastries

Coffee and pastries have been a marriage made in heaven for a long time, and the two are a natural pairing.

It doesn't matter if you want your coffee hot or iced; pastries are the perfect accompaniment. Cafes around the world serve pasties, which go well with iced lattes and americanos.

The combination of croissants and coffee, in particular, makes for an especially delectable morning in Paris. Make your own vegan croissants at home using vegan butter in place of regular butter.

  • Foods that have a lot of salt

Salt enhances the flavor of coffee by bringing out the aroma and making the beverage more potent. Because of this principle, seasoning food with salt is a tried-and-true method of enhancing its flavor.

Coffee and salty food go together so well that it's a pleasure to drink one while the other gets devoured.

If you're looking for a sweet treat to accompany your morning cup of joe, you'll love salted caramel and other salted treats.

Coffee from Costa Rica, which is brewed with the best beans, goes well with salty cuisine.

  • Bread Toasted with Coffee

Coffee bread, also known as coffee loaf cake, is a delicious baked item intended to be enjoyed with a cup of coffee.

Coffee toast is a delicious accompaniment to your morning cup of joe or afternoon tea.

To create coffee bread at home if you can't find it in your local cafe, all you need is a cup of your favorite coffee and some flour.

  • Pairings with Chocolate

Coffee and chocolate go really well together, so maybe you should have a chocolate treat with your afternoon coffee. Even though a regular cup is tasty, these flavors can be even better when made into espresso drinks.

Brownies: Indonesian or Guatemalan coffees with a lot of body go well with dark chocolate brownies.

Chocolate cake goes well with most medium- or dark-roasted coffees, but chocolatey Guatemalans are especially good with it. Most Arabica coffees go very well with chocolate mousse cake. Colombian coffee goes well with chocolate cupcakes topped with frosting made from vanilla beans.

Chocolate-Dipped Fruit: Most African coffees go well with chocolate-dipped fruit. Try Ethiopian Sidamo with tart chocolate-covered cherries for a real treat.

Dark chocolate goes best with dark roast coffees from Indonesia, Brazil, Ethiopia, and Guatemala.

Milk chocolate is best when it comes from Colombia, Kenya, Sumatra, Yemen, Ethiopia, or Kona.

White Chocolate: The milder taste of white chocolate goes well with coffees from Colombia, Costa Rica, and Yemen.

  • Carrot cake

There is nothing better than a good cup of Colombian coffee with a good piece of carrot cake. Having fun with this pairing is a great idea because there are so many possibilities!

There is nothing better than a cinnamon bun with a cup of Colombian or Guatemalan coffee.

  • Chocolate

Everyone agrees that chocolate works nicely with just about every food or drink. It's the same for both chocolate and coffee. Coffees from Brazil, Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Kona, and Mexico can be paired with chocolate. Chocolate-covered coffee beans, on the other hand, are an excellent way to combine the two.

Slightly more bitter coffees blend wonderfully with the richness of the chocolate.

  • Chocolate cakes

You can pair chocolate pastries with nearly any type of coffee, although medium- or dark-roasted beans are ideal. However, the chocolatey Guatemalans go particularly well with them.

Adding a side of chocolate cakes to a Guatemalan meal is a great idea.

  • Meat

You can eat meat and drink coffee at the same time if you choose a dark roast variety of coffee (best with Sumatra, Papua New Guinea, India, or the Dominican Republic coffees).

A dark, savory coffee can hold its own against the rich flavor and texture of most meats, making it an ideal companion.

  • Foods with a Spicy Taste

While eating a spicy meal, have you ever noticed that the coffee tastes more intense?

Spices enhance the flavor of coffee because they bring out the bean's distinct aromas. Adding hot spices to a dish increases blood flow to the body and stimulates the taste senses. It's a terrific idea to drink a cup of coffee after a few spicy bites, as all the taste notes will be amplified and enhanced.

The next time you want to indulge in a fiery hot supper, make a pot of your favorite roast and relish the explosion of flavor.

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