How to make microfoam milk at home By Singapore Barista Champion

In this sharing, Mr Terence co-owner of Tad Coffee using Greenfield's Milk will show how to make microfoam milk at home. 

For those that have questions about microfoam milk, it is a process to produced finely textured milk for the purpose of making latte (great for latte art). In this case, he is using the steam wand of an espresso machine to create small bubbles to microfoam the milk. 

How is he microfoaming the milk. 

  • You can see that he places the steam wand's top to the center of the pitcher.
  • Then he tilt the pitcher to the left then or to the right. 
  • Next, he pushes the steam wand's tip all the way below the surface of the milk. 
  • He then turn on the steam wand
  • To create the air bubbles for the milk foam, he lowered the pitcher at the start so that the steam wand's tip comes to the surface. 

Watch the live session, click "get reminder". 

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