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Coffeelogy, Issue #006 --The famous Keurig Coffee Maker
August 20, 2009


This month ezine was late. I only manage to find some time to write around last week and send to you all this week. I was busy with another new site -gifts!

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This month we would cover keurig coffee system and just how famous is this coffee maker. Then, a reader send in an article on black and decker coffee machines being recalled.

I think it is unfortunate but I admired the promptness and the professionalism of Black and Decker, I would definitely buy stuff from them again.

That is all. Hope all is well with you and family.


Ebenezer Heng ================================================================= In Summary:

Focus of the month: The famous Keurig Coffee Maker

Coffee talk: Recall of Black and Decker

Coffee trivia: Do you know how coffee got popular in US?

Focus of the month: The famous Keurig Coffee Maker

For most of you reading this ezine, you would probably heard of keurig coffee maker, maybe even own one. So, keurig is famous -but how famous?

It is supposedly so good, that it is even given out as gifts at one of the key award ceremony -The Golden Globe in the beginning of the year.

So other than Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise and other celebrities, Keurig coffee systems was at the Golden Globe too!

Next issue: I would want to touch on krupscoffee maker and what is good about it...

Coffee talk: Recall of Black and Decker

An article submitted in coffee news spelled not so good news for many coffee lovers. More than 10 000 black and decker was recalled by applica in this article.

I truly hope that none of you reading this is affected by this saga. It however shows the promptness of a company in reacting to this crisis very professionally. This is what I call a responsible company.

Coffee Trivia: Do you know how coffee got popular in US?

Some of you might think it has to be some sleek marketing, other might thought that it has to be do with some great brew. Unfortunately, all of you are wrong.

It is a war that elevated the popularity of coffee. The Civil war in the united states because they packed soldiers to war with coffee beans as a primary ration lead to this beverage popularity...

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